Guarantee Check of Life

When we buy an expensive product from a market, we always consider the guarantee check of the product so that we have peace of mind in using the product.Applying same principle to our life what options we have?We don’t know what breakdowns or mishaps we will face. How we will react at that time?

Various Insurance policies  can merely insure us financially but easily fail to protect us emotionally.As we don’t have control over anything except our karma,we satisfy ourselves by thinking why to think about future, believe in present and forget the past.

We are totally dependent on our intellect to resolve the issues in our life but sometimes we totally lose our personality and behave in incredibly unexpected manner.We have seen many times intelligent, courageous, and full of life people give up and commit suicide in difficult situation. It is simply because everything in this world is for limited time that includes our intellect as well.

Surrendering to Krishna is the only way which can insure us against anything. It is a complete solution for everything, but this solution requires one condition which is trust.

An example can clearly demonstrate. It is about the time the great warrior Arjun denied to fight in the battlefield and was completely overridden by the emotional attachment of the family members. In the middle of battlefield arjun had to totally surrender himself to Krishna and get ready for his Kartavya(duty).

It is the total surrender that not just insures you against any fall but ensure the uplifting of the individual as well. It is Krishna who knows what is best for us, it is him who can truly help in realisation of our goals and for it we need to learn how to be emotionally dependent on Krishna which is nothing just surrendering and having trust on Krishna.

I have heard saying lot of people God you have given sorrows now you are responsible you rescue us, which I totally disagree. It is absolutely wrong outlook as Krishna himself is the supreme love who give and take only love, that’s the only thing he do, so there is no such question arises.

Just like a child is totally dependent on his mother, in the same way we need to surrender to Krishna.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Hare Rama Hare Rama


Chote se Gopal little krishna

What I can say,I never knew that one day I would be able to sketch Krishna,my drawing was very average in school time and then after school never tried it.

Hari Bol

Feel blessed upon mercy of Krishna.

Mind Quote

Take care of me in loving manner then you have more control over me.

This wonderful quote, I realised today when I was talking to my son that immediately strike me its relation to mind. I simply said to my son “ask me nicely then you have more control over me”.


So take care of your mind in loving manner to deal with you in full harmony.

No More Heaven

Tears are wet but tending to stop as well saying quietly fear always take back seat comparison to acceptance.

Eyes will keeping storing all types of memories but allow heart to open only cherished moments only.

World will enjoy serveral attempts asking to build,keeping proving,learn to be happy as well but the natrually happy soul never require to do so in abode.

One day when soul will tend to wrap up everything to begin the journey.

That day when all tears and memories will come under one roof in one colour,will  not even whisper allowing soul to be the only speaker.

Every moment will be an excuse to laugh, no more wishes to seek heaven in any time frame to last.

If I then Only

If I hold myself then only I can walk.

If I listen then only I can laugh.


If I empty then only new memories can be welcomed.

If I forgive then only love can get more chance to happen.


Friends Irrespective of Tense

Missing you my lovely friend as you are the only one who understands me well.
Whatever I am going through you can easily sense, this is what makes you special irrespective of all tense.

Things can’t be always perfect,so I am as well but our friendship always grow is the only hope to live well.


Fun,Laugh and wiping each other’s tears are the reasons of togetherness, so that we can see the blessings showered upon us by world desired to build happy memories in each other’s lovingness.

A Little Author in Me

There is a little author in me.
Quietly gives answers to all the questions I feel.Fills me with all the excitement splendid with colors regardless of the situations.Loving yourself and little hard work is the only rule to play then only author can speak out in full way.


Characters are laughing,playing, becoming nosier to grab attention but also singing happily in arms of the story willing to dance on my mind tunes already, ready to learn the world through me because there is a little author in me.

There is a little author in me.

Please check more information about an organisation Author In Me on Facebook or check the web link below.

Magic To Whisper

Everyone wants to find what is the magic in me which can’t be measured in days and nights,tiredness cann’t pull it aside.

Not willing to know what would be the result, will easily spread the fragrance with no calculations.


So want to welcome you indeed knowing the condition is open heart allowing small small appreciations.

Then only the magic will whisper in the ears yes you have captured your heaven  in the joyful tears.

Hari Bol