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Youth’s Fun Way of Chanting

This video full of fun way of chanting and yet simple as well.Young crowd is actively involved in spreading Krishna Name.There is no age bar to be devoted to Krishna.Today’s young generation is much more equipped to reach to their full potential. ISCKON youth devotees are utilizing it for fun filled chanting.

Pandava sena is dedicated to spread wisdom in youthful way utilizing technology,music to reach out in more attractive way.

I feel so true by explaining my own example when I had a car accident in which by the grace of Krishna nothing happened to me,whatever it was whether my fault or other driver what about the fear which naturally rose in me  to go back on roads again.

What are the answers for those people suffering from cancer or any other disease which hasn’t got anything to do whether they are right or wrong,good or bad?There are lot of other things for which we just say oh it was just a unfortunate day?

Till when we will keep satisfying ourselves like this?

Bless them the noble work they are doing.

Hare Krishna


Simply want to live to the full consciously

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