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Janmashtami Birth of Shri Krishna

The biggest day of my life has come Birthday of Shri Krishna.Please check this website for this year’s Janmashtami celebrations in London United Kingdom.

For other countries please check your local ISCKON temple celebrations.

This day for me is like soul day because concentration is totally towards Krishna .This day I I keep listening & talking about Krishna only ,easily get tears of unlimited ,unbeatable happiness feels like flowing like a pure stream of river.

It reminds me my childhood days in India when me and my younger brother used to be so excited ,decorating room with lights,balloon,making lots of arty things making Mathura city where Krishna was born & Gokul village where Krishna was taken after birth.My mother used to make lots of Indian sweets, yummy vegetarian dishes serving Krishna first then for us to eat.

This divine day I was  denying to celebrate few days ago when I had a car accident.My fear was overriding  my emotional fitness gained due to Krishna.I felt so guilty realized by  my partner’s help  for a small materialistic thing I am foolishly rejecting the incomparable joy .

Oh Krishna please forgive me for all known & unknown wrong thinking I have been going through.

Oh I just can’t wait for the big day tom.

Hare Krishna


Simply want to live to the full consciously

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