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Power of Two Cents

This amusing short story by Shri Prabhupada(founder of ISCKON) explains great logic which I truly feel.

It is true that yoga,stress busting exercise or any other help keep our self  calm assisting in striving hard for solutions ,body free from disease but still I feel that there must be a power/explanation for lot of unexplained happenings in life.

We are told that accept the problems/suffering in order to fight which is fair enough but it is also true we seek uninterrupted happiness .We easily say this is what life is but very easily ignore the cause & effect situation. In this world nothing happens without reason which science also successfully proved it.

Just like a Doctor is meant to advise permanent solution for a particular disease in same way Krishna Consciousness gives answers providing englightment through Knowledge(Bhagwad Geeta) & Bhakti.


Simply want to live to the full consciously

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