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Insight Thoughts

Came Back

After a long time, I am writing again. Once again, as usual out of my favourite habit of saying thank you to Lord Krishna, I am back in so many sense , with so much learning to share that will back the refreshing touch way of life “As It Is”.

So much happened, and I must say that level of excitement reading not just gita but Bhagavatam bought in Hindi from India, really just adding more meaning of life. I truly that at good pace, the various knots of life are loosening itself. I am becoming more relaxed, responsive and clearly express myself even in tough conditions. This book is bringing so much carefreeness with full feeling of responsibility. I feel that, Krishna is simply not letting me do karma in my mind, just saving me from any karmic reactions, because he has taken the pilot seat.

But What I am talking about?

Karma, Karmic Reactions

Bhagawad gita explains that do karma for me and give all the results to me. But Why? This is how Krishna will take pilot seat and will omit the fact that “I am the doer”. What are the advantages, you will save yourself from the proud feeling and will not attract the other things that come in package like an example “EGO”. In gita, Krishna clearly do everything for the sake of doing. In this way, you will not be affected by changing time, and will carry on. This is more meaning of “As It Is”, I am experiencing, this is superb, now I am more calm, recently took a new job from simple Sales Adviser to Data Analyst which is no doubt bringing challenges but this is how “As It Is”.

This concept will take more post to reveal underlying meaning, I am so excited about the content that will come through by grace of Shri Krishna. This time, I am also posting a short video of musical chanting name of Krishna, listen and please let me know how did you find it, would really appreciate it.

Last thing, Why to wait, stopping yourself to dive in Ecstasy. Order Prabhupad’s Bhagawad-Gita As It Is by checking this website or google your local iskcon bookshop.


Simply want to live to the full consciously

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