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Touch of Modern Music & Dance to Chanting

Touch of modern music and dance add interesting aspect to Krishna name chanting which I am loving it.

There is always so much to find interesting facts you can find if dedicated to Krishna service which is absolutely not possible in materialistic word.

The experience of happiness through knowledge,chanting,dancing and lots of other things keep journey of association always full of passion.This can be realized when actually compare with materialistic activities of life  whether you are successful doctor,engineer or in any other profession we all need holiday to energize our-self to distress but Krishna devotees get stress when not thinking about Krishna.

We get easily stressed even thinking about your children all the time but Krishna is unbeatable happiness regardless of time happening from million of years and will continue.

A Simple way to experience it one day don’t think about Krishna,think about your family their future or any other thing which you love and on next day just chant Krishna name & nothing else to feel the difference.


Simply want to live to the full consciously

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